Paper Hearts [EP]

by Paper Hearts

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released October 27, 2015

Wolff Shipp: Vocals, Percussion
Joe Ruggiero: Guitars, Bass
Mauricio Picon: Drums
Tony Correlli: Accordion, Keyboards, Programming

Lyrics by Wolff Shipp & Music by: Joe Ruggiero except Unchained Melody by Alex North and Hy Zaret

Produced, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Tony Correlli at The Deep End Studio
Album artwork by Katy Ruggiero, design and direction by Joe Ruggiero



all rights reserved


Paper Hearts Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Move Along (11:11)
Your body moves a way
I’ve never seen before in the daylight
I have to find a way 
To introduce myself before night
I know this sounds cliché 
But did it hurt when you fell from heaven?
It’s just another day
But maybe we can make a headline

I’m being sentenced for the things I should have said
And every day I live this life of regret

I can feel it coming on
Another wasted night alone because you’re gone
I had hope for so much more
But now the fading night is gone
And it’s time to move along

Don’t give up, I only just got my feet wet
I noticed that last guy had your attention for an hour
If you don’t mind, what did he say to lose his cool?
I won’t make that mistake 
‘Cause you and I could be forever

There’s no need think
What comes next is natural
There’s no need to sleep
You and I could spend an hour in a daydream
Track Name: One Deep Breath
Happiness is nothing more than an ever changing revolving door
We’re happy for a day and then we walk around and it’s gone away
Every night I see you in my dreams I wish I could make it end
Then the morning comes and I just take a pill and sleep again

One deep breath, I hold it in
And try to remember why I’m here
But I can’t remember feeling at all
Or one good reason to stay

Happiness is nothing more than another way to ignore it all
It’s better to try and forgive than return the pain that they often give

I wanna laugh, I wanna cry
I wanna scream at the top of my lungs
But I feel so numb and I don’t know why
Track Name: That Girl Kills Me
I fell in love a thousand times before
And I’m the one that breaks the hearts and runs
Turned off affection like people turn the lights off
And I’m left singing in the dark

You’re sweet enough, you make the poison taste so good
I drink it all and beg you for some more

I can’t stop thinking ‘bout the girl that’s on my mind
That girl kills me every time I see her
One look and I get lost into her precious smile
That girl kills me every time I see her

When I first met you I didn’t have a clue
The kind of world you’d open my mind to
You wasted no time getting to the point
The point of every midnight meeting
A conversation held between the sheets

Loving you is suicide in slow motion
But I would throw away this life to see you smile
Track Name: Rainy Day
You and I were meant to be
I’ll never know why
You’ve always been by my side
Even now it’s hard to see
As the hours pass me by
A reason not to try

Every step I take forward towards the truth
Is another step I take away from you

Nothing stays the same
I saved it for a rainy day
You always knew what I’d become
Even though it’s changed
Nothing in life stays the same
And now I can’t give you what you want

When you and I first met
It was the best that it would get
We didn’t know how lucky we were
Love at first sight we would get
It wasn’t long after we met
We’d figure out how to kill each other slowly

I agree to disagree
With the facts beforehand
Open up your eyes and see
What else could be there
‘Cause I could be just what you needed

You and I were meant to be
I’ve never known why
Can we save it for a rainy day?
It’s killing me to be all alone